A. You can register online at DealBuzzz Discount for obtaining a new card and after you pay Rs.999/- the discount card will be sent to you. Corporates/ individuals can register for DealBuzzz discount cards in electronic manner or can request via phone (dial 0522-4035252) for executive visit at your office/home address.
A. DealBuzzz Discount Card can be produced for discounts only by the cardholder. In absence of cardholder, any other person cannot use the card. They can take benefits indirectly through you, so that they can use discount card facility on behaulf of you only.
A. Your discount card number will be register on our portal www.dealbuzzz.com and here you can place order for free home delivery, when you will place order then you have to ask for apply your discount card number and get 7-10% discount on total order value. For offline services you to tell your discount card number and holders name only.
A. If you have lost your discount card, please contact our customer care at 0522-4035252.
A. Your feedback is more valuable for me so we always request you to give you feedback and service rating through email. Your ideas, comments and inputs can be emailed to info@dealbuzzz.com
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